“I would believe only in a God that knows how to dance.”
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

Hírlevél feliratkozás
A 2016-os Budapest Táncfesztivál előadásaira a jegyeket folyamatosan tesszük elérhetővé.
- An Interview with Tamás Topolánszky
2016. february. 18., csütörtök 14:01
- we spoke to Angelin Preljocaj
The world-famous Ballet Preljocaj is a returning guest to Hungary; however, it is the first time the Hungarian audience gets to see the piece entitled The New York Pieces choreographed by Angelin Preljocaj, the Albanian dancer-choreographer and artistic director of the French Company.
2016. february. 16., kedd 09:16
- we spoke to Gábor Goda
Extraordinary and bold, associative and intuitive: Kérész Művek (Mayfly Works), a series of performance art pieces by the Gábor Goda company, is the sort of experimental theatre where the members of the company have guest artists every time, with whom they create an extraordinary ephemeral work in one day.
2016. february. 10., szerda 11:39
Rita Góbi, the young company leader, is one of the most exciting young dance artists of our age. She has an M.A. in classical ballet, choreography and dance pedagogy, and her unique style is characterised by diversity. This time we asked her about her new performance, the Silhouette Cinema, which she is performing for the Budapest Dance Festival.
2016. february. 09., kedd 09:41
the 40-year-old Les Ballets Trockadero is Once Again in Budapest
The Budapest Dance Festival will be opened on 24th February by Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014. The company consisting of professional male dancers, will present a full repertoire of classical ballet and modern dance to the Budapest festival audience, where all the roles will be danced by men, sometimes on their toes as swans, sometimes in the role of romantic princesses, or as Victorian ladies suffering from fear and anguish. We were talking to László Major, the only Hungarian member of the company.
2016. february. 08., hétfő 14:46

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